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Visiting incredible Georgia

In Georgia, I had finally some more time to spend than in Iran and Azerbaijan. So I could take the chance and travel around this gorgeous country at least a little bit. So I visited the fascinating capital city Tbilisi, the marvellous ski resort Gudauri (where I did paragliding for the first time) and Batumi, which is located at the Black Sea. After all, Georgia made it into my personal hitlist!

I was totally in love with the atmosphere on the streets of Georgia. People are intested in foreigners and even when their English is limited, they will speak up to you and try some conversation. Beer is cheap (a satisfaction, as it was impossible to get in the Muslim countries Azerbaijan and Iran), and the general costs of living are very, very low. In Batumi, I paid for a very nice double room 18 Georgian Lari, which is approx. 6 Euros. The infrastructure is a bit run down, but works perfectly, so travelling within Georgia is even without Georgian/Russian language skills easy...

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One day in Baku

The next stop after visiting Tehran, the capital of Iran, was Baku in Azerbaijan, where I had almost a full day to spend, before heading off to Tbilisi. After arrival at the airport, passengers in Baku are asked to put their luggage into the X-Ray directly after immigration, where the security officer could see my drone. As I didn't know, that it is illegal to import drones into Azerbaijan without a permission, I was asked to follow into the security office.

As it was around 5am in the morning, the officer, who was in charge of my drone dilemma, was pretty lazy, and so the whole procedure of leaving my drone in the office until picking it up on my onward trip took almost 1,5 hours. I have spent my day in this charming city without my Phantom then, though it would have been great to fly there - Baku is a city made for drone flying! But, lessons learned: do more research before trying to import a drone to a new place...

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48 hours in Tehran

After having spent more than half a year in Asia (and one week in Western Australia), it was time for some new adventures. So I decided to visit the Caucasus, before heading to Brazil for the carnival 2017. I was able to get a very cheap flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Tehran in Iran, where the Caucasus adventure began. My favorite carrier Air Asia operated this 8+ hours flight for less than 150 USD - a deal I couldn't resist. As it is easy to obtain a visa on arrival with a German passport, it was clear: Iran will get its shot.

Researches that I have done beforehand said, that the visa on arrival shall cost 50 EUR, so I was prepared with some money which I didn't use for quite a while. But the procedure was quite painful, as it took forever to finally get the visa. And, of course, it was more expensive than announced. After filling out a form, presenting a travel insurance confirmation and paying 75 EUR, I finally got my Irani visa.

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Preview: February, March and April 2017

After more than six months in East Asia (and one week in Western Australia), it's time to rewind. I am writing these lines at the airport in Kuala Lumpur and I am more than happy for the past 200 days, where I was able to visit many places I know (and love) again, and also going around and exploring new fascinating places. And from this day on, I will share my experiences with you again - hopefully,it lasts some longer than the first attempt on the One Man Wolf Pack Blog ;-)

So this article gives you an overview about the upcoming three months, where I will leave East Asia for Central Asia and South and North America via Turkey and Spain. The upcoming flight will bring me to Tehran, where I will have two days to explore the capital of Iran. After this, I will head to the Azerbaijani capital Baku, followed by Tbilisi, Georgia's capital. From there, I will explore Georgia and Armenia, where I will definitely head also for the last capital out of these four: Yerevan.

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