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Groundhopping in Sao Paulo - Corinthians and Palmeiras

2018-04-29 23:15 Written in Sao PauloBrazil 0 Comments

While having been to Sao Paulo, I was able to see both big Paulista teams: Corinthians and Palmeiras. "Campeonato Paulista de Futebol" is the name of the competition, where the major teams from the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo are participating.

Corinthians is playing their home games in the "Arena Corinthians", Palmeiras plays at the "Allianz Parque". Corinthians lost its game on February 14 2018 0x1 to Sao Bento, Palmeiras x Linense ended up 2x2 the following day. Meanwhile, Corinthians was able to win the trophy 5 times (2003, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2018), while Palmeiras succeed in 2008, which was their only successful participation in this competition. In the final of this year's edition, both teams were playing against each other.

Finally, Corinthians won by 2x0 and is the "Campeonato Paulista de Futebol" winner of 2018.

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// Impressions of Corinthians x Sao Bento 0x1 (February 14 2018)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sao Paulo (Brazil)

// Impressions of Palmeiras x Linense 2x2 (February 15 2018)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Sao Paulo (Brazil) Sao Paulo (Brazil)

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