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4K UltraHD Relaxation Drone Aerial Travel Footage with Ambient | Chillout | Lo-Fi Beats Music for Healing | Stress Relief and a Natural Deep Sleep of my drone flights at Keila Waterfall (Keila Juga, Estonia), located close to Tallinn, the Capital City of Estonia; project finished & uploaded on 2020-10-27 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #aerial #dronefilm

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Media data: This drone video (Internal ID 792, taken in 2020 and published in 2021) is an extraction of my Keila Juga 4K Drone Video Footage & Keila Juga Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact me via E-Mail or my Blog.

About Keila Juga: The Keila Waterfall (Estonian: Keila juga) is a waterfall in Northern Estonia on Keila River. It is the third most powerful waterfall in Estonia after Narva and Jägala. It is 6 metres (20 feet) high and 60–70 metres (200–230 feet) wide. // Keila-Joa is a small borough (Estonian: alevik) in Lääne-Harju Parish, Harju County, northern Estonia. It has a population of 373 (as of 1 January 2019). The Estonian name Keila-Joa literally means Keila Falls, named after the river, distinguishing it from the town of Keila. The borough is home to the third most powerful waterfall in Estonia, Keila Waterfall. In Keila-Joa there is also a small hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 365 kW. // Tallinn is the capital, primate and the most populous city of Estonia. Located in the northern part of the country, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea, it has a population of 437,619 in 2020. Administratively a part of Harju County, Tallinn is the main financial, industrial and cultural centre of Estonia; the second largest city, Tartu, is located in the southern part of Estonia, 186 kilometres (116 mi) southeast of Tallinn. Tallinn is located 80 kilometres (50 mi) south of Helsinki, Finland, 320 kilometres (200 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia, 300 kilometres (190 mi) north of Riga, Latvia, and 380 kilometres (240 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden. It has close historical ties with these four cities. From the 13th century until the first half of the 20th century Tallinn was known in most of the world by its historical German name Reval. [Source: wikipedia // Google]

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