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Here, you will find my best pictures from Koh Tao, Thailand (Asia).
Below, you may also see some exquisite Koh Tao Drone Videos and Drone Pictures by One Man Wolf Pack, as well as regular Videos from Koh Tao!

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【4K】Drone Footage | Koh Tao - Thailands Piece of Heaven 2019 ..:: Cinematic Aerial Film | เกาะเต่า
【4K】Drone Footage | Koh Tao - Thailands Piece of Heaven 2019 ..:: Cinematic Aerial Film | เกาะเต่า

【4K】Drone Footage | Koh Tao - Thailands Piece of Heaven 2019 ..:: Cinematic Aerial Film | เกาะเต่า

The final 4K footage of my drone flights in Koh Tao (Gulf of Thailand); project finished & uploaded on 2019-05-15 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage.

Media data: This drone video (3:41min playtime) is an extraction of my multipleGB Koh Tao 4K Drone Video Footage & Koh Tao Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, contact me via E-Mail, my Blog, Facebook or Instagram Page. One Man Wolf Pack Contact: http://onemanwolfpack.de/contact

Koh Tao Drone Flight: A sweeping panorama is the draw to this scenic mountain, with views of snow-covered peaks & valleys. // Ko Pha Ngan is an island in southeast Thailand thats renowned for its monthly Full Moon Party. This boisterous night-long celebration, which is tied to the lunar calendar, draws revelers to its southeastern peninsula, Haad Rin. Most festivities center on Sunrise Beach, whose beach bungalows attract a backpacker crowd. On the north coast lie quieter, white-sand beaches including Hat Khuat and Hat Thian. // Ko Samui, Thailands second largest island, lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. Its known for its palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest, plus luxury resorts and posh spas. The landmark 12m-tall golden Big Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai Temple is located on a tiny island connected to Ko Samui by a causeway. // Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. Its known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canalside communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin.

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