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Here, you will find my best pictures from Moscow, Russia (Europe).
Below, you may also see some exquisite Moscow Drone Videos and Drone Pictures by One Man Wolf Pack, as well as regular Videos from Moscow, the Capital City of Russia!

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【4K】Moscow from Above | Capital of RUSSIA 2021 |
【4K】Moscow from Above | Capital of RUSSIA 2021 |

【4K】Moscow from Above | Capital of RUSSIA 2021 |

4K UltraHD aerial footage of drone flights in Moscow (Capital of Russia), showing some of the cities most incredible and remarkable sights like the St. Basils Cathedral, the Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Bolshoi Theatre, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Pushkin State Museum, Gorky Central Park, Lenins Mausoleum, Exhibition Center, Arbat Street, Luzhniki Stadium Sparrow Hills, Tverskaya Street, Kuskovo Summer Palace and much more; project finished & uploaded on 2021-06-25 by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. #drone #aerial #moscow

▶️ Drone - Moscow 2021 @ 0:00

» Media data: This drone video (Internal ID 988, shots taken in between 2016 & 2021 and video published in 2021) is an extraction of our Moscow 4K Drone Video Footage & Moscow Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact us via E-Mail or our Blog.

About Moscow: Moscow (Russian: Москва, tr. Moskva) is the capital and largest city of Russia. The city stands on the Moskva River in Central Russia, with a population estimated at 12.4 million residents within the city limits, over 17 million residents in the urban area, and over 20 million residents in the metropolitan area. The city covers an area of 2,511 square kilometres (970 sq mi), while the urban area covers 5,891 square kilometres (2,275 sq mi), and the metropolitan area covers over 26,000 square kilometres (10,000 sq mi). Moscow is among the worlds largest cities, being the largest city entirely in Europe, the largest urban area in Europe, the largest metropolitan area in Europe, and the largest city by land area on the European continent. The Moscow International Business Center is one of the largest financial centres in Europe and the world, and features some of Europes tallest skyscrapers. Muscovites enjoy public digital services more than anywhere else in Europe, and the best e-government services in the world. Moscow was the host city of the 1980 Summer Olympics, and one of the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As the historic core of Russia, Moscow serves as the home of numerous Russian artists, scientists, and sports figures due to the presence of its various museums, academic and political institutions and theatres. The city is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is well known for its display of Russian architecture, particularly its historic Red Square, and buildings such as the Saint Basils Cathedral and the Moscow Kremlin...

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