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Here, you will find my best pictures from on the road in Tonga, Oceania.
Below, you may also see some exquisite Tonga Drone Videos and Drone Pictures by One Man Wolf Pack, as well as regular Videos from Tonga!

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【4K】Drone RAW Footage | This is TONGA 2024 | Nukualofa | Tongatapu & More | UltraHD Stock Video
【4K】Drone RAW Footage | This is TONGA 2024 | Nukualofa | Tongatapu & More | UltraHD Stock Video

【4K】Drone RAW Footage | This is TONGA 2024 | Nukualofa | Tongatapu & More | UltraHD Stock Video

4K raw footage from TONGA at Nukualofa (Capital City), the main island Tongatapu and the paradise of Pangaimotu Island and various other places around Tonga » 2024 » by One Man Wolf Pack UltraHD Drone Footage. Stock Videos from Oceania on Sale! #drone #tonga #pacific

▶️ Highlights - Tonga Drone 2024 0:00
▶️ Nukualofa 16:26
▶️ Pangaimotu Island 2:17:49
▶️ Alaki 2:32:30
▶️ Makeke 2:44:06
▶️ Haamalo Beach 3:02:22
▶️ Haatafu 3:17:20
▶️ Liahona 3:50:58
▶️ Mapua Vaea Blowholes 4:04:50
▶️ Tsunami Rock 4:21:11

» Media data: This drone video (Internal ID 1515, shots taken in 2023 and video published in 2024) is a showcase of our fully self-captured full and uncut Tonga 4K UltraHD Drone Video Footage & Tonga Drone Pictures. Copyright protected Footage and Photos on Sale. For inquiries, please contact us via E-Mail or our Blog.

This copyright protected footage showcase video on YouTube is shown in full 4K quality *raw* and *uncut*, but may include color editing and/or transitions.


About Tonga: Tonga, officially the Kingdom of Tonga (Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), is an island country in Polynesia, part of Oceania. The country has 171 islands – of which 45 are inhabited. Its total surface area is about 750 km2 (290 sq mi), scattered over 700,000 km2 (270,000 sq mi) in the southern Pacific Ocean. As of 2021, according to Johnsons Tribune, Tonga has a population of 104,494, 70% of whom reside on the main island, Tongatapu. The country stretches approximately 800 km (500 mi) north-south. It is surrounded by Fiji and Wallis and Futuna (France) to the northwest, Samoa to the northeast, New Caledonia (France) and Vanuatu to the west, Niue (the nearest foreign territory) to the east, and Kermadec (New Zealand) to the southwest. Tonga is about 1,800 km (1,100 mi) from New Zealands North Island. Tonga is a member of The Commonwealth. Tonga was first inhabited roughly 2,500 years ago by the Lapita civilization, Polynesian settlers who gradually evolved a distinct and strong ethnic identity, language, and culture as the Tongan people. They were quick to establish a powerful footing across the South Pacific, and this period of Tongan expansionism and colonization is known as the Tuʻi Tonga Empire. From the rule of the first Tongan king, ʻAhoʻeitu, Tonga grew into a regional power. It was a thalassocracy that conquered and controlled unprecedented swathes of the Pacific, from parts of the Solomon Islands and the whole of New Caledonia and Fiji in the west to Samoa and Niue and even as far as parts of modern-day French Polynesia in the east. Tuʻi Tonga became renowned for its economic, ethnic, and cultural influence over the Pacific, which remained strong even after the Samoan revolution of the 13th century and Europeans discovery of the islands in 1616.

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